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3 gauge L 94-04 Mustang Cluster Housing

Part Number: CDE-394L B
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Replacement Instrument Cluster housing for the 1994-2004 Mustang
                                 (1) 3 3/8" & (2) 2  5/8" holes (black)
  •  This is just the housing. No gauges or installation wiring instructions are included (just standard mounting helps).
  •  This is a do it yourself product. All wiring and installation requirements are the responsibility of the installer.
  •  This unit fits in the original instrument cluster location and requires no modifications to the dash board or bezel.
  •  The holes are cut for Auto Meter gauges but gauges from other manufacturers with the same dimensions will also work.
  •  The housing is a black ABS plastic material and is easily drilled, cut or modified if needed.

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