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1979-1986 Mustang Instrument Clusters


This unit comes in a Street Version and a Race Version




  • Both versions come as a two-piece unit, consisting of the Full Panel Housing and a faceplate.   


Full Panel Housing

Face Plate

Street Version

  • The Street version Full Panel Housing has provisions for the factory AC vents and AC controls.
  • The AC vent diverters from your stock panel will be reused in the new Full Panel Housing.
  • This unit is a complete replacement panel for the factory Ford piece.

Race Version

  • The Race version has no provisions for the AC vents or controls.
  • Race panels are equipped with two flat areas on each side of the Faceplate for custom applications.

* Installation Views and Help
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Will be able to house the following standard gauge combinations.

  • (2) 5 in. gauges (Speedometer & Tachometer) and (4) 2 1/16 in. gauges.
  • (2) 3 3/8 in. gauges (Speedometer & Tachometer) with (4) or (6) 2 1/16 in. gauges.
  • (2) 3 3/8 in.  gauges (Speedometer & Tachometer) with (4) 2 5/8 in.  gauges.

Note: Due to the size of the Faceplate there are many combinations of gauge sizes that can be accommodated.  Call for specifics.

The Faceplate was designed to be easily installed and removed for greater flexibility, when mounting gauges and for wiring.

The Faceplate can be ordered in several ways.

  • Pre cut (standard) configurations
  • Custom layouts
  • Blank
  • With Carbon Fiber overlay
  • Plain (no overlay)

The Mustang Instrument Cluster can be purchased as a complete package in the following ways.



  • Comes with the full panel housing with the AC ducts and control openings
  • The face plate cut for one of the standard gauge configurations
  • Has turn signal and high beam lights

Race  (see note below)

  • Comes with the full panel housing without AC ducts and control openings
  • Face plate cut as requested
  • No indicator lights


  • Comes in either version of the full panel housing
  • Face plate is custom ordered

Blank / empty (no gauges or lights)

  • Comes in either version of the full panel housing
  • Face plate is blank


Race version:  When ordering let us know if you are using the factory steering column or an aftermarket one. We can cut the steering column opening to fit your application.

Installation: The installation of the cluster will require modifying several areas of the plastic inside the opening of the dashboard (click here for sample). The cluster will utilize the factory mounting slots and screw attachment points. No exterior modifications are needed.

Speedometer: Due to clearance problems involving the factory speedometer cable and the actual housing of the speedometer, only electronic speedometers will work. If your car has cruise control you can use the factory Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) to operate the speedometer. If no cruise control you will need to use either a factory Ford VSS or purchase the unit from Auto Meter.


Custom Pricing:

Due to many different configurations and versions that can be ordered and custom made, most pricing for these units will be "custom pricing" as there are endless combinations to choose from and create.

Standard Pricing:

  • Street Version - Standard Empty Cluster
    (consisting of the Full Panel Housing and a standard cut faceplate)


  •  Race Version - Standard Empty Cluster
    (consisting of the Full Panel Housing and a standard cut faceplate)


  •  Built Street Version - Built Standard Cluster with 6 Electric Gauges
    Note: Our standard series gauges are PhantomSport-Comp and Pro Comp* (all other series are priced as custom).

          Note: The Pro-Comp series does not offer 2 1/16" gauges or a 3 3/8" Electrical Speedometer.


Special Note: Please note and understand that the prices of the 1979 - 1986 Instrument Cluster both empty and built are a for a complete 2 piece unit that is a complex designed piece that is a direct replacement piece for the factory Ford unit.

Custom quotes and pricing are available through the phone sales only.

When ordering, please call and let a Florida 5.0 representative help you get what you need and how you want it.


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