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Florida 5.0  would like to introduce you to  "Gauge Club Plus"


What is Gauge Club Plus

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) buying method or process.

It's a new and different way to buy gauges and accessories.

It's a buying Method/Process, that works in a different way from traditional purchasing methods.


How to join and how it operates:

  • Joining is easy. "Like Us" on Facebook and join our "Email List". That's it. (Florida 5.0's Facebook and email list).
  • Gauge Club Plus "GCP', works through email only. There is no phone # or phone support, all contact is made through the Gauge Club Plus email address.
  • This division of Florida 5.0 (Gauge Club Plus) works independently from Florida 5.0. This means if you call or email Florida 5.0, they cannot offer any help or assistance with your questions. They won't have any information as to what goes on in Gauge Club Plus as they are two seperate divisions under one company name.


How it all works:

  • First, you need to supply us with what you want by part numbers. We will not have any part listings on our site. We will list the companies whose products we will be handling, along with direct links to their websites. You will find this information on the Gauge Club Plus products page.
  • You email us the products you want with the manufacturers part number(s). 
  • We then send you a price quote for these products.
  • You email us back, accepting the quote. (All quotes are final and will not be haggled over).
  • We then email you an invoice (for your quote) through PayPal.
  • Once you pay the invoice, Gauge Club Plus then processes the order and a confirmatiom email is sent.
  • The order process takes (5) emails. (3) from us and (2) from you. That's it until the order is shipped.
  • We want to limit the process to (5) emails. The reason for this is to keep our labor cost down and to be able to offer the best pricing possible

Why should you join the club:

  • Here's why Gauge Club Plus was created. Bulk pricing and savings for the customer. 
  • It's an alternative way to buy gauges, accessories and other parts. It works off of bulk, combined or group pricing with lower overhead.
  • What this means is, the more items you buy, the better price quote you get. For 1 or 2 items, pricing is in the normal price range for conventional ways of purchasing. Better pricing starts at 3 items on up.
  • To make it work even better, try group pricing. A group could be your friends or their friends all getting together on one order. The more parts you request the bigger the potential savings.



More information and things you should be aware of


  • All quotes given, will only show the total price of all items combined, plus shipping. You will not see individual prices of parts or shipping costs, you will see one total price. Shipping is by the US Post Office and will be either Priority Mail or Parcel Post.


  • This "Club" process of buying is slower than the normal conventional buying methods (shopping carts or over the phone). However, in our testing of this buying and selling process for the last year, we have found it to be more reliable, accurate and thorough than what you may be use to.  Mainly because you are supplying us with what you need exactly.


  • We know the problems associated with Internet buying. Everybody wants it cheap and quick. When products are ordered wrong or mis-represented, the seller is the bad guy. We want to make sure that the buyer and seller are working together and that a trust is built. The emails are the visual records, of all the correspondence between the seller and the buyer. Resulting in, the customer getting exactly what they need rather than some of the games internet ecommerce produces.



This is a (Do It Yourself) type of Club.

You do the research, know what you want and need.

Give us the part numbers.

We give you the Club pricing.



If you are interested in trying a new way of buying gauges and accessories, with different possibilities for savings.

Then join the CLUB  "Gauge Club Plus"