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How to order and purchase products from
Florida 5.0 

There are several ways to purchase and order products. Please read below and determine which method is right for you. If you have any questions about purchasing our products, please give us a call. We are happy to answer your calls and want your buying experience to be as easy as possible and also as informative as possible.

Note: For all International Customers, please use email to place orders. If you need to speak to us directly for questions and information please feel free to call.

  • Telephone : This is the most preferred method to place orders. Many of our customers are seeking as much information about our products as they can before ordering. By calling, we have the opportunity to make suggestions and recommendations as we listen to your needs and wants. Our Phone information is as follows. (954) 966-5523 M-Th 1-6 pm EST.


  • Email: We take standard and custom orders through email. All of the orders that we receive through email are processed through Pay Pal. The procedure is easy and very helpful. The customer will email us his requests and we then send back an invoice that is payable through Pay Pal. Note: With Pay Pal you can either use a Pay Pal account or credit cards, you don't need a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal. 


  • eBay Store:Our eBay store is where you can purchase our products 24/7. The products you see in the store are purchased as is and are not customizable. Pay Pal is the only method of payment we offer in our store.


  • Mail : Through the mail you can order as well. We take Money Orders and Cashiers checks. Please No cash. Our mail orders are usually the result of a previous phone call. With out knowing all the specifics plus the shipping charges, the correct payment amount may not be known. If money orders or cashiers checks are sent and are not the correct amount, it will just delay the customer getting there order.


Note : Due to the complex nature and many choices and options that some of our products have, we don't offer an e-commerce type of web-site.   

Note : For current prices on products that don't list a price please call.

Note : Our International Customers are very important to us and we appreciate you very much. All International ordering at this time is through email and we have been extremely happy with the way Pay Pal has handled all of our previous International orders. Our phones are available for all your questions and informational needs,