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Welcome to Florida 5.0 / R Performance

Florida 5.0 / R Performance was founded in 1991. Our history with racing, modifying, restoring and collecting Mustang's, dates back to the mid 1960's Mustangs. We were there at the beginning of the late model Mustang explosion (80's) and have been creating, building and racing through out this time with many of our parts and products. Our focus changed 16 years ago to vehicle instrumentation, including the development of numerous Mustang specific gauge holders and instrument clusters. We are the originators of the products we sell under the Florida 5.0/ R Performance names.

We were founded on some vary basic concepts and principles and have worked hard at keeping these in the forefront of our business model.
  Quality, Honesty, Integrity and Reputation

Through out our history, racing has been one of our greatest tools for research and development. The knowledge, data, and practical information that has come from track testing and racing, has been invaluable. We have used these means to not only test our products but to do product analysis on parts and products from other sources that we sell and/or incorporate in our lines.

One of our concepts that we strive to meet daily is to focus on the customer's needs and wants, and then to deliver a product that will not only be what they want but what they really need.  Too much of our industry is founded on selling whether it's needed or not and more important on whether the products really work. We try to listen and then offer our expertise so you the customer will get a complete and practical product.

We are a quiet no nonsense type of company. We make no claims that we are the best, biggest or all knowing. We know you the consumer have many choices for purchasing parts, products and accessories. With that in mind we would ask that you give us an opportunity to work with you in supplying your needs with our products. 

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to working with you.